A Christmas Sea-Side

Coral Christmas Tree Cards $8/5 cards and envelopes, Tags $15 for 20 tags

When my husband and I married 5 years ago, we decided that the best way to split holidays was to alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas.  One family gets Thanksgiving and the other gets Christmas; you get the idea.  This year we will be spending Christmas with my husband’s family in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  I am lucky enough to have in-laws who live at the beach, so when we get the opportunity to visit them, we get to go to the beach too!

There is something special about Christmas at the beach.  Really, winter at the beach.  It is my favorite time of year to be by the ocean.  Something about walking on the beach in a sweatshirt and bonfires by the ocean and bundling up to watch the sunset from the porch.  Ahh, I can’t wait.

So, in the spirit of not only Christmas, but Christmas by the Sea, I designed some whimsical “coral Christmas tree” cards and matching gift tags.  They just look like Christmas at the beach to me: breezy font and fun colors on beautiful textured paper.

This Christmas will be special…