Bachelorette Party Beach Bash!

My darling sister is getting married this spring to a wonderful Alabama sweetheart and we couldn’t be happier for her!  What fun it has been to attend (and often design for) her showers and parties!  Now it is time for the biggest one of all- her bachelorette weekend!

Caroline has been friends with the same group of girls since high school.  They have all stayed so close and make it a point to get together several times each year.  This year, several of them are getting married, and they are all in each other’s weddings.  Bachelorette parties and weekends are so much fun, but as working adults, it is often hard to organize a weekend that everyone can attend (or afford).  In lieu of having 3+ bachelorette paries, Caroline and her friend Carrie decided to have a joint party to make it easier fo all of the bridesmaids to attend.  How thoughtful!

This may be one of my favorite projects yet!  Who wouldn’t be tickled to receive this in the mail!  The invitation, itinerary,  and Lingerie shower invitation all tucked in a fun polka dot bag!

I can’t wait to post all of the other details of the weekend, so stay tuned!