Stock the Bar Invitation

A few months ago I got an email while I was on vacation from a girl who had seen my work on FaceBook.  She was interested in having me design an invitation for a Stock the Bar party for some of her friends who were getting married.  The couple went to Auburn, so they wanted to have something Auburn on the card as well.  I had such fun working on this project.  I sketched and watercolored some “bar paraphernalia”  and then added text and graphics reminiscent of  Auburn night life.  The finished product was a long card that we printed on white textured card stock, similar to heavy watercolor paper.  There were several people hosting the party, so we kept the host/hostesses names on the back, which I have incidentally been doing ever since!  I love how it keeps the front clean and down to business…besides, who can resist something printed on the back of the card!  Not me!  Especially when there are stripes!  If you have an event you would like me to do an invitation for, visit my contact page on my website.  I look forward to hearing from you!