Wedding Soiree at Reynold’s Plantation


I absolutely loved helping my sister’s dear friend Amanda with a few details of her wedding!  This bride is one of the most gorgeous I’ve seen, and she was a dream to work with.  She and her hubby to be got married a few months ago  at Reynold’s Plantation, just south of Atlanta.  She was glowing, and her husband, Quinn, was dashing in his dress blues (he’s a captain, after all).

She wanted to come up with a logo to carry throughout the day, and we came up with a take on the Reynold’s Plantation logo and called it the McArthur Logo.  Two birds flying above the lake and their new shared last name, along with the date of their nuptials.  Perfect for this lake side soiree.  We did napkins, koozies for boys and girls (the boys said Captain and the girls said First Mate on the back side), along with various labels for welcome bags and favors (pralines, YUM!).

Indulge for a moment in some spectacular wedding photos from this particularly  gorgeous day!

Thanks to CWF Photography for some fantastic images of the logo as well!